Introduction to Eating Consciously


My whole purpose in beginning this blog is to talk the conscious eating journey.  There are a few books out there on intuitive eating that I think are very good….

If losing weight is your main concern, chances are that you’re not ready for intuitive eating.  However, if you’re tired of dieting and want this crazy ride to stop so you can just move forward more productively in your life, conscious eating is the way.

But first, I wanted to address a main reason that you might really want to lose weight, and that is if you have a serious health issue that needs to be dealt with right away.  If that’s the case, please get advice from your doctor.  …dieting doesn’t work!  Oh yes, we’ve all lost weight on diets!  Who hasn’t?  But if they worked, why are you still wanting to lose?  If they worked, wouldn’t the issue have been solved by now?

If you’re ready to eat, and very slowly lose weight in a way that will change your relationship to food and to your body, then follow me!

First of all… get rid of any preconceived idea about what size you want to be, and get rid of any idea about what you want that number on the scale to say!  None of that means anything!  In fact, get rid of the scale altogether!  As a goal, consider that your general over all feeling of good health should be your main goal.  In addition to that, I would add that eating consciously most of the time should be both a goal and a tool.  Eating consciously should be your first goal, and it will then be transformed into a tool for achieving that over all feeling of good health which may lead to weight loss, if you are not at your healthy weight. Does that mean you’ll be a size 6?  Maybe, maybe not!  Let’s not think that far ahead!

I would like to propose that consciously tuning in to your body will bring peace and feeling of wholeness to your life.  Hating your body, and over-eating or chronic dieting creates chaos!  When there is chaos, and a preoccupation with food or the body, there is not room for living your life! You will know that you are living your life when your focus is on something other than yourself.  That doesn’t mean you have to give up grooming or fashion or make-up, or self care.  In fact, it is the height of self care.  It means that instead of living inside your head, you are living in the world.



About Rayne

I am a psychotherapist interested in relationships with food including but not limited to eating disorders on a sub-clinical level. I am interested in the connection between food struggles and our society's relationship to the planet. I'm also interested in mind-body connection therapy, hypnotherapy, and use of myth and metaphor in working with food issues.

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